Bring Tavern Tally to Your Bar

Our business model is pretty simple: we offer a live, interactive bar game that attracts more customers to your bar and drives up sales.

Not sure what we're all about? Check out this video to see what we offer...

And keep in mind, THIS IS NOT TRIVIA, so can appeal to a much larger spectrum of customers. The subjective nature of the game means that pretty much anyone, whether their I.Q. is 5 or 205, can enjoy and WIN the game. There's no right answer, just "top answers". Drawing from a broader audience can only mean more players, more beer sold and more sales!

How long does it take to build up a consistent player base?
Well, this really varies depending on the venue. Usually it's somewhere between 1-3 months, as we all know word-of-mouth is still the best way to get people through the door. Once your crowd it established, they will keep coming back.

What does Tavern Tally provide?
- Scorecards and pens for every game
- A set of interesting and fun, poll-driven questions each week
- 11x17 posters and one 2x3-foot vinyl banner for in-house promotion
- Professionally-designed social media graphics that your venue can use
- Ongoing social media support, including a Facebook advertisement for the initial launch
- A fun and energizing host to come out and perform the game each week
- Two buzzers for our "head-to-head buzzer challenge"

What does the venue need to provide for Tavern Tally?
Not much at all! A few things to consider though...

- Audio set-up: Does your venue have an in-house microphone and iPod jack for an easy music hook-up? If not, we have the expertise to help you work it out.

- Prizes: We ask venues to provide prizes for 1st place, 2nd place and the "funniest answer", usually bar tabs or free booze, which vary at each venue.

Other than that, just be sure to have the bar staffed and stocked, and we'll be ready to roll on Tally night!

How does Tavern Tally promote? 
Our main method of promotion is viral. We constantly post and tag on the big three static platforms: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. And as we mentioned, Facebook advertising has been a proven way to reach a specified demographic and we will invest in a Facebook advertisement for the initial campaign launch and beyond where necessary.

Also, we can not stress enough how important it is for our venues to promote in-house, so we provide plenty of posters to attract those people already coming into you bar.

Why should I hire Tavern Tally?
Trivia has become pretty popular in the United States in recent years and has even become saturated in some markets. But as we've said already, Tavern Tally is NOT trivia. It's a new and exciting, poll-driven bar game, so it may be wise to jump on board while this Family Feud-inspired phenomenon is all the rage!

And it's probably wise not to put your own Tavern Tally-style game together either: it takes a lot of time and resources to survey people for these questions. Trust us, we know.

How does Tavern Tally get it's poll questions?
Rather than going door-to-door or hanging out creepily at the mall surveying soccer moms, we have a weekly poll that anyone can take for free each week. We then use these poll questions at future Tavern Tally events. Read more about how the poll works here

What's the best day and time to do it?
We usually advise picking a typically less-busy weekday (or Sunday night), with most places opting for a 7pm or 8pm start time. Having said that you might want to draft us in on Saturdays before or after "the rush!" or during a Sunday brunch crowd too.

Alright, I'm convinced... how much?
We never disclose our prices online, but are happy to talk. Rates can vary depending on the venue's requirements, method of payment and length of agreement. 

Email our co-founder at, call us at 414-801-3680 or fill out the form below to inquire about more information...

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