Does it cost anything to play?
Depending on the venue it's usually either FREE or just $1 per person to play. This dollar is exclusively a TIP for your Tally host, so don't be stingy – all the money goes to them! It's obviously a motivator to make them do the most-awesome job possible!

Is there a team-size limit?
Nope! Tavern Tally questions are very subjective, so unlike a trivia, knowledge-based game having more people isn't necessarily an advantage. So please bring as many (or as few) folks as you like!

What's the "cell phone policy"?
Although Tavern Tally answers are purely intuitive we do ask that players curb their cell phones during the game. There is no right answer on Google for a question like "name a food that is green," so really any cell phone usage is just futile anyway.

When and where does Tavern Tally take place?
Tavern Tally teams with bar and restaurant venues on a weekly basis, so please check our schedule for a full list of events.

Do we shout out our answers?
No! Please do not shout out any answers. Write 'em down and we'll grade them later on.

Does my team register in advance or not?
Nope. Roll in to your nearest Tavern Tally venue (preferably on time, although there's always that ONE team) and just have fun. Our host will have everything you need to play.

What are the prizes?
Most Tavern Tally events will offer teams prizes for 1st place, 2nd place and the "funniest answer". The latter is exactly as it sounds: if you have a terrible answer (or just want to write down a funny one to try to win something), be sure to point it out to your Tally host. At the end the best one will receive a prize. Most venues will offer gift certificates to the establishment.

Can I tally more than one night a week?
Of course! Tavern Tally questions will be different every night of the week, so feel free to come play whenever you like.

When and where are the "Online Poll" questions used?
If you didn't know already, we encourage players to take our Online Poll so that we have question material for future Tavern Tally events. However, don't fear as these poll questions aren't used for quite some time (i.e. this week's poll questions will NOT be used the following week). We also randomize the polls so that you won't see too many, if any, of the same questions all at one event.

Are there any hints or clues for the game?
Yes! Introducing the Tally Tip! It's a visual clue that is a hint for a TOP ANSWER on the game! The hint is posted on our Facebook page every day, so be sure to follow us to get just the tip!


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