What is Tavern Tally?

Tavern Tally is the new, poll-based bar game that has been described as "Family Feud with a beer in your hand."

People are encouraged to play in teams with the goal to identify the most popular answers from subjective, opinion-based questions, much alike the TV game show Family Feud ®. We surveyed 100 people for each question... accumulate more points by guessing the more popular answers. And keep in mind, it's NOT trivia... it's Tavern Tally! There isn’t a wrong answer, just “top answers.”

Some examples of questions may include...

- Name something from her first wedding that a bride might use again at her second wedding?
- Name a job that a celebrity might have before becoming famous?
- Name something you probably shouldn’t be doing while you’re at work?
- In his prime, how many eggs do you think Mike Tyson ate for breakfast?

You could also just take one of our online polls here to contribute to future Tavern Tally questions as well!

At the start of the game every team receives a scorecard and are asked a series of fun, poll-driven questions.

The game itself is divided into four main rounds, consisting of five questions each. In these rounds, teams must try to obtain the top answer but can score points by getting any of the top three answers.

Halftime Bonus
There is also a halftime bonus question, whereby teams must obtain the TOP ANSWER ONLY. Five points is awarded if teams get the top answer, but five points are deducted if a team is wrong. Teams get zero if they leave it blank because they don't have the balls to go for it.

Question Example: Name an occupation in which people make more money than you think they deserve?

Head-to-Head Buzzer Challenge
Following halftime our host has EVERY team nominate a person to go head-to-head with someone else. This live buzzer round pits two opponents against each other with the winner walking away with three points for their team!

This particular part of the game really puts people on the spot and gets the audience on their feet!

Question Example: Tell me something cowboys wear that women find sexy?

Final Showdown
For the final showdown question teams must try to obtain the top five answers. Teams receive one point for each answer they get, with no deductions for wrong answers.

Question Example: Besides money, name five reasons why Melania, his third and youngest wife, married Donald Trump?

The Tally Tip!
This is a visual clue that is a hint for a TOP ANSWER on the game! The hint is posted via social media at Noon the day of each Tavern Tally game. Be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter and/or Instagram to get just the tip!

Finally, most venues offer prizes for 1st, 2nd and the "funniest answer", so if you want to waste an answer with a hilarious (or vulgar) response, there's hope that your team could win something!


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