Hire us for your private event

Aside from our weekly Tavern Tally events we are also equipped to host private functions. Whether it be for a corporate team building exercise or just for fun, we're ready to come to you to host a fun Tavern Tally game!

In the past, we've hosted private functions for Fortune 500 companies, smaller local firms and non-profit organizations. We come in to your place of business or a neutral venue (like a bar or restaurant) and host a fun event for your crew...

Tavern Tally can hold private functions at one of our existing locations or a venue of choice by the client. Keep in mind that if a venue does not have adequate sound equipment Tavern Tally can provide that - covered in our fee.

We've been in the live entertainment game since 2006, so you can trust us to put on a stellar show, with fun poll-driven questions. We can also tailor our private events to our client's needs, so if you have a specific theme we're equipped to make the game suit. We can host events at short notice, but usually like at least two weeks to put it all together. 

For more details on hiring Tavern Tally for a private event, please contact us and we can iron out the details.


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