"Funniest Answers" of the month! August 2016!

We've compiled some of the funniest answer from our Tavern Tally events last month. Check 'em out below...

Brass Monkey
Question: Name something that Justin Bieber and Donald Trump have in common? Answer: America hates them.
Question: Name an article of clothing you can't wash in the washing machine? Answer: A suit.
Question: On your s/o's birthday what would you get them that's fake? Answer: Pregnancy test.
Question: Fill in the Blank: Sugar________? Answer: Sugar mama.

Jack's American Pub
Question: Name an animal your woman might sound like in bed? Answer: A moose
Question: Name something that your lover wants in the bedroom that you rarely, if ever, give into? Answer: A Hot Carl. 

Three Lions Pub
Question: Name something you'd have to be dead to sleep through? Answer: Donald Trump's presidency
Question: Name something you do to put you "in the mood"? Answer: Call the escort service
Question: What age is too old to still be breastfeeding? Answer: You're never too old!!

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