Funniest Answers of Sept. & Oct. 2016...

Brass Monkey, West Allis
- Question: Name something that you would put on a "snow woman" to make it look sexy? Answer: "Lawn-geray"
- Question: If you were an octopus, what could you do to 8 people at once? Answer: Flip them off.
- Question: Name something in a hardware store that reminds you of your love life? Answer: Rat poison.
- Question: Name something no one wants to hear rich people complain about? Answer: Being poor
- Question: Name a genre of music that you associate with white people? Answer: Death metal
- Question: Name an organ you could "go without" for a day? Answers: Penis, Brain
- Question: You're disappointed when your 12 year old daughter says she wants to grow up to be what? Answer: A man
- Question: Name something a pirate has on his ship for all those lonely nights at sea? Answer: Netflix
- Question: When you were a kid, name something you used as a partner to practice kissing. Answer: My hand
- Question: Fill in the Blank: Gold: "schlager"
- Question: Fill in the Blank: Black: "eye"
- Question: Fill in the Blank: White: "trash"
- Question:Name a body part that Jeffrey Dahmer would BBQ at his Labor Day party? Answer: "Ribs"
- Question:If a cheater wants to save their relationship, name a place they might go to? Answer: "Sybaris"
- Question:Pablo Escobar is having a party. Besides drugs, what else might there be a lot of at his party? Answer: "Tacos"
Jack's American Pub
- Question: Name a word starting with "S" that describes professional athletes? Answer: Steroids
- Question: If there's only one thing you could eat for the rest of your life, what would it be? Answer: Pussy
- Question: What is something that a woman dreams about doing just once in her life? Answer: A Hot Carl
- Question: Name something some people just don’t seem to know how to close? Answer: Their legs
- Question: Name something about her stripper daughter that a mother would still brag about? Answer: she has a great personality

Drink Wisconsibly Pub:
- Question: Fill in the blank: why do men _____________ so much more than women do? Answer: Finish

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