Funniest answers of Nov. & Dec. 2016

Brass Alley
Question: If Santa won Celebrity Apprentice, which North Pole resident would be jealous? Answer: Sarah Palin
Question: Besides money, name a reason why Melania, his third and youngest wife, married Donald Trump? Answer: She Likes Orange
Question: Besides clothes and shoes, what might the 50 foot woman have trouble finding in her size? Answer: Tampon.

Brass Monkey
Question: Name a robot that would be a good bodyguard for the President? Answer: R2D2
Question: A reason why Hilary Clinton would not be a good president is because...? Answer: she is... Bill's wife
Question: Name a pet that you would not let in bed with you? Answer: Fish
Question: Name a food your woman's butt resembles? Answer: Muffins
Question: Name something you hope that your partners doesn't do the first time you make love? Answer: Cry or die
Question: Name a reason a man might grow a beard? Answer: No shave November
Question:You decide you want a nude photo of yourself. Who would you trust to take the photo? Answer: Katelin
Question: Name some that just hangs too low? Answer: Your chain
Question: You're underdressed for the Packers game and wish your coat was warmer. What material would make for a great winter coat? Answer: aluminum foi
Question: Name an occasion for which you might wear your lucky underwear? Answer: bingo night
Question: Before a part time job, name a way that kids earn money? Answer: Risky business
Question: Name a daily task that would be really difficult to do if you had boxing gloves for hands? Answer: Masturbate
Question: Name something that it takes women longer to do than men? Answer: Masturbate
Question: Name something Justin Bieber won't have in five years if he doesn't change his ways? Answer: bare skin for tattoos
Question: Name something you might introduce in the bedroom to spice things up with a lover? Answer: another person
Question: Name something you might put in a cake you bake for your cheating husband/boyfriend's birthday? Answer: shit

Drink Wisconsinbly
Question: Name a reason you might ask for your money back at a strip club? Answer: Bad Dancers
Question: Name a two-word “phrase of encouragement” that a woman might say to a man while in bed? Answer: Don't Stop!
Question: Asking 100 single women, name something your parents always ask about a man you’re dating? Answer: How big is his cock?
Question: What would a girl wear when they want to get laid? Answer: Skanky Dress
Question: Name something Justin Bieber won’t have in five years if he doesn’t change his ways? Answer: Pussy

Jack's American Pub
Question: Name something that you would hate to find under your bed? Answer: a used condom
Question: Where would you not want to find someone's underwear? Answer: in my food
Question: Name something about the best man, that the bride might realize is better than the groom? Answer: Natural bulge

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