Funniest answers of Jan. & Feb. 2017

Bootz Saloon
- Name something that a baseball player holds during a game, that would be weird for your partner to be holding when you got home from work? - Someone else's wood
- Name something you'll find more of at a sporting event than you would at a movie theater? - Jock straps

Brass Alley
- Name something that comes out at night? - Book of 50 shades.
- Name something your boyfriend or husband might ask you to get, but you tell him to get lost? - Anal lube
- Name something friends send you/share pictures of that you wish they wouldnt? - Dick pics
- Name something men do in the morning that a caveman wouldnt have done?? - Masturbate. 
- Where does a woman not want to leave a lipstick mark? - My Wiener. 
- Name something youll find more of at a sporting event than you would at a movie theater? - Bal
- Name a weather term that you can also use to describe your wife? - Wet & Slippery.

Brass Monkey
- Other than being sick, tell me an excuse for not going to work that no one really believes? - Death in the family
- Name a job where it might be necessary to yell at work? - Elderly care taker
- Besides shaking hands, name another way people greet each other? - Dick punch
- After a cop pulls you over, name something you might do to try to avoid getting a ticket? - A hand job
- Name a device that your 90 year old grandmother might have a hard time using? - A vibrator
- Name something that you would NOT want to buy at the dollar store? - Pregnancy test
- Who is the hottest woman in the world? - Katelin
- Name a sport that men like to watch women participate in? - Jello wrestling
- Name something that most men hate to admit they can't do? - Get it up
- Name something you would hate for the airplane you're on to only have one of? - Wing
- Name something that NFL players wear for protection? Nut cup
- What would you expect to see in the audience of a romantic movie? - Single women crying
- Name a food that a couple might use to spice things up in the bedroom? Taquitos
- Ladies, what's a gift that you're always happy to get from your partner? - The D
- What kind of junk food might be served at a wedding that's on a severe budget? - Chicky strips

Jack's American Pub
- What might the world record holder for the longest finger nails have trouble doing? - Masturbating
- If you lived in the year 1900, name something that would wake you up in the morning? - a Cock
- How can you tell that the person next to you is listening to really shitty music? - They are wearing a Nickelback t-shirt
- What do girls do more of in a relationship that guys? - Fake orgasm
- Why would a teenager swear off love? - They have a tiny penis

Paulie's Field Trip
- Name something people do to their dog that they might want to do to their partner? - Do their nails
- Name something that you’re embarrassed to do in front of others at the gym? - Take off your fake leg

Red Rock Saloon
- If he were actually real, name something that would have happened to James Bond by now? - STDs!!!
- Name something that a marine does on a daily basis that a regular person does not? - Slay Pussy

Zi's Sports Pub
- Name something that will ruin a romantic dinner? - Your spouse walking in!
- Ladies, what’s a gift that you’re always happy to get from your partner? - Felacio
- Name something a responsible parent would tell their child to do first before getting married? - Use birth control!

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