Funniest Answers of March!

Belching Beaver
- On his 18th birthday, a mom would hate to hear her son say, "Mom, I'm ___________"? - Voting for Hillary

Bolt Brewery
- Name a reason why a person might drink tea instead of coffee? - Cos coffee makes you shit your pants

Bootz Saloon
- Name something that a married couple does with each other that reminds them why they fell in love? - Anal
- What do you do with a horse, that you don't do to other farm animals? - Get kicked in the face by them

Brass Alley
- What do people do with horses that you wouldn't with other farm animals? - DON'T EAT THEM!
- Name a gag gift that someone might get at an “over the hill” birthday party? - Dildo. 

Brass Monkey
- Fill in the blank: South _______________? - Milwaukee
- Name something that's described as low hanging? - Balls.
- Name something people wash once a week? - Themselves.
- What do some women say about men as a reason for why they can't get dates? - The good ones are all gay
- If a man is trying to get a date with a woman, what might he do to try to woo her? - Send dick pics
- Name a food you love that would be gross as a candle scent? - Chinese food

Ciro's Pizzeria & BeerHouse
- Young people "fight for their right to party". What might older people fight for their right to do? - Breathe

The Green Mill (Eau Claire)
- Name something that people do with their horses but no other farm animal? - Turn them into glue

Jack's American Pub
- Name a job that a man might have that makes him a sex symbol even into old age? - Catholic Priest
- Name something you'd hate to forget to do before a hot date? - Jack Off

McGregor's Ale House 
- Name a guy's name starting with "Ch"? - Chastity

Paulie's Field Trip
- Name something you can do at the gym that you can’t do at your home gym? - Gym selfies
- Name something that often happens right at the end of a romantic movie? - a Facial
- Name something you put in your mouth but do not swallow? - Jizz

Red Rock Saloon
- Name an event in your life where you'd be shocked and unhappy if no one showed up? - The loss of virginity
- Name something in the house you probably shouldn't use while people are trying to sleep? - Vibrator.
- Name something that breaks easily without its case? - Millennials (they're so fragile)
- A young person "fights for their right to party." What might an old person fight for their right to do? - Turn off the Beastie Boys
- Name something that you can never seem to find when you really need it? - The clitoris

Zi's Sports Pub
- Name a gymnastics move most kids know? - Reverse cowgirl?
- What show might you see a man on that would cause you to cancel your date with him? - To catch a predator
- If a man is trying to date a woman, how might he woo her? - Send a dick pic

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