Two bars to play MN's new Family Feud-style bar game!

Great news Minneapolis! There's a new game in town!

If you're a lover of guessing games and in particular Family Feud, then "Tavern Tally" is for you. This opinion based bar game even features a buzzer challenge where you go head-to-head with another random person in the bar!''

But for the most part you and your team take on others to win prizes of all sorts while answering questions like... "Besides money, name a reason why Melania married Donald Trump" and "What TV show might you see a man on that would cause you to cancel your date with him?" Your goal is to get the most popular answer from the 100 people we surveyed. There's no right answer, just top answers!

Below are the our first TWO spots in town that are hosting this new bar craze...

612Brew (North East): Wednesdays at 7pm

612Brew has been become renowned for it's wide variety of eclectic brews, ranging from Winter IPAs to Farmhouse Ales, and beyond. Their tap room, located in Minneapolis' Northeast neighborhood, will be serving up $4 select pints on Wednesday nights, which also happens to be Tavern Tally night! Our first venue in the state of Minnesota, it's gonna be a blast!

Lakes and Legends (Downtown): Sundays at 5pm

If you like good beer and good time then Lakes & Legends is a no-brainer for your team. Since 2015, they've been handcrafting delicious brews like their Belgian Silky Stout, Raspberry Braggot Honey Ale and Cranberry Saison. They all sound yummy to us!

Plus the venue often has food trucks parked out front to neutralize that appetite patrons build up after swigging a few delicious brews.

Plus, our Family Feud-style bar game hits their shelves on Sunday nights at the more moderate start time of 5 p.m., ensuring you're home in time for bed for the work week. We'll see ya there for Sunday funday! 

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