Funniest Answers of May!

- Name a time when a man may be extra caring towards his wife? - When he's trying to get laid.
- Name something your partner might do first thing in the morning that wakes you up? - Dutch oven you
- What might someone about to receive the death penalty say when asked if they have "any last words"? - "SAYONARA M****F*CKERS!!!"
- Besides money, name something that a rich person has more of than they need? - Platinum Dildos.
- How much might you tip a stripper if she gave a very good private dance? - Just the tip

Brass Alley
- In the heat of a passionate moment, which Disney characters name would be the hardest to say with a a straight face? - Woody

Brass Monkey
- Besides "biographies", what section of a book store would a memoir of your life belong in? - Adult
- What is the first thing you are likely to be asked at your high school reunion? - You're still alive?
- Name a cartoon character that would be a really good athlete if real? - Johnny Bravo
- Name a fictional creature that would be a huge hit at the zoo if real? - Loch Ness Monster

Jack's American Pub
- How do you know the Easter Bunny is the father of your child? - The baby poops eggs.

McGregor's Ale House
- Name something you try to prevent from getting flat? - My Dick
- Name another term for the word jail? - The Booty House

Red Rock Saloon

- Name a time when a man may be extra caring towards his wife? - After banging her younger, hotter sister
- Besides decent food, name something an astronaut has to go without while living on the space station? - Hookers and blow
- Which term of endearment would many women be annoyed to hear a stranger call them by? - Sugar Tits
- Besides food and drinks, what is a waitress on roller skates worst enemy? - The damn roller skates

Zi's Sports Pub
- What do you hope for, but don't expect on vacation? - Sex

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