Funniest Answers of Summer 2017!

- Name something kids are taught about Abe Lincoln? - He's a vampire slayer
- Name something that gets pushed around? - a Husband
- Name a situation where you wouldn't want someone looking over your shoulder? - During special alone time
- At what age do Hollywood's elites get Botox to keep themselves looking young? - Whenever they can afford it.
- If you were an evil witch name a curse that you would put on a cheating ex-lover? A: The shits.

Bootz Saloon
- Name Something You Don't Want To Get Stuck With? - Herpes
- If you found a genie lamp but only had one wish, what would you wish for? - A penis the size of my ego.
- Name an excuse you might tell your boss for sleeping at work? - The cat wouldn't stop licking my toes
- Why are basements less cozy? - That's where the bodies are buried
- What does a normal house have that a bachelor pad doesn't? - Tampons
- Name a question you are not supposed to ask your coworkers? - Are those real?
- What would you do if you had Donald Trump's hair?  - Build a wall around it
- Besides coffee name something you would see at Starbucks? - The crushed souls of it's employees
- A sport/activity that would lead to serious stripper moves? - A clown

Brass Alley
- Name a part of his body that a WWE wrestler might wish was bigger? - Cock print

Brass Monkey
- Name a celebrity who was involved in a sex tape scandal? - Trump
- Name something that you would allow the house sitter to use while at your house? - Vibrator
- Name a reason why you would NOT recognize someone at your high school reunion? - He's a she now
- Name something specific that a guy might take with him to the gym? - Soap on a rope
- Name something a woman does to show affection that a man rarely does? - Oral sex
- Name a reason why you would never drive your car naked?  - Seat belt chaffing

Jack's American Pub
- Name a situation where you wouldn't want someone looking over your shoulder? - Sexting
- What should you not take on your honeymoon? - Herpes
- Name a body part that starts with "N"? - Nipples
- If you had to eat one thing for the rest of your life what would it be? - Pussy
- Name a reason your booty might be jiggling? - You have to pay the bills somehow
- Name something people have a hard time closing? A: Their legs.

McGregor's Ale House
- How old is too old to be president? A: "How old is Donald Trump?"

Red Rock Saloon
Name someone who might say to you don't move"? - My first lover

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